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Genius Editing Services

Oro-Dental lesions

Oro-Dental Lesions

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  • Deputy Editor:

    Chair and Associate Professor of Periodontology
    Kocaeli Üniversitesi Dis Hekimligi Fakültesi
    Yuvacik Yerleskesi

  • Co- Editors:

    • Luciana Pomarico, DDS, MSD; PhD
      Associate professor of Pediatric Dentistry,
      School of Dentistry, Federal Fluminense University,
      Nova Friburgo.

    • Pia López-Jornet MD, DDS, PhD
      Oral Medicine
      University of Murcia

Thank you so much! I was impressed by your careful observation and helpful comments. As this is such an important paper for me, it was really great that I could receive your help. I really appreciate it.–Dr. Purti Jain

We made our first submission to IJWD. We are very impressed by the helpful guidance during paper submission, the prompt processing (less than two weeks to editorial decision), and the flexibility of the editor-in-chief. We believe that IJWD journal is a unique platform that offer a high visibility for microbiologists, particularly in resource-poor settings.–Anish Khan

Thanks again for helping me, I just want to say your level of attention towards my work and the support offered has been amazing. –Dr. Vanisha Chatterjee

Nice Effort.–Dr. Mehtaab Singh